Thursday, August 9, 2007

Strawberry-Banana Kefir

8 oz of fresh strawberries
8 oz vanilla yogurt
1 banana
1 oz of honey
8 oz apple juice
Fresh strawberries for garnish

Combine all ingredients except apple juice in a blender until smooth. Slowly pour apple juice in through the top blending at a low speed until desired consistency. Chill in a pitcher - I just added ice instead of chilling.

Serves 4


Stephanie said...

Thanks Lindsay! I am excited about making this drink sometime! It was delicious!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Steph. I am so glad it turned out well considering I had not made it before. I make it just about every morning now. The only way to make sure Jake gets his daily serving of fruit. :)

Dara said...

Yum! I just made up my smoothies... it is nice to have an actual recipe to follow!