Monday, March 1, 2010

Behind the Apron: Lindsay

Who has been the biggest influence on your cooking? Becky Campbell, Josh Eason and Christie Bruehl

What is your favorite dish to cook…your signature dish? Sweet Potato soup

What was your biggest cooking disaster? Overcooking cheese soup - YUCK

If you could travel to another country just to taste their cuisine, where would you go? Thailand

What is something you have never cooked, but would like to try? I don't know. I really would just like to get a little more adventurous in general .

What do you consider the 5 most essential ingredients you keep in your kitchen? Thyme, Salt and Pepper, Olive Oil, Onion, garlic

What is comfort food to you? soup

What are the ideal toppings for pizza? artichoke, chicken, olive oil

What kitchen utensil/gadget can you not live without? Is blender an appropriate answer here?


BECKY said...

wow! can i just say how flattered i feel to have influenced your cooking? i keep reading that first line just in case i am just imagining my name...

Lindsay said...

Yes, you are definitely there! Ok -I look psycho in that picture. What is up with my eyes! Can I get a retake? :)

Rachel said...

Ha! Lindsay...we can take another picture of you soon if you want to replace this one!

Lindsay said...

Thanks - it is a great shot but I think my eyes look weird (like I am trying too hard to keep them open) - it just does not look like me. Man, and I thought I looked good that night. LOL! I would love a replacement - if that is not too much trouble. Thanks for understanding.

Amberly said...

Lindsay, you look beautiful!! Great photo!