Friday, October 9, 2009

Behind the Apron: Amberly

Who has been the biggest influence on your cooking?
My Grandmother & Sam have both been the biggest influences on my cooking. My Grandmother was a fabulous cook! She passed down numerous recipes to my sisters & I that we look forward to recreating at family gatherings. Our meals together wouldn't be the same without one of Grandmother's signature dishes sitting on the table.

Sam has also been a huge influence on my cooking in the fact that he enjoys preparing food way better than I do! He actually corrects my cooking!! From watching him, I have learned that you don't have to measure every single ingredient when preparing a recipe. You can estimate & feel what you think is an appropriate amount of an ingredient & the results will usually be exactly what you intended, if not better. Sam calls this "cooking with love". I try to follow his method as often as possible!

What is your favorite dish to cook... your signature dish?
Well, it's actually a cake... Kahlua cake. Most people usually ask (or expect) me to make this for get-togethers. (I am much better at baking than cooking.)

What was your biggest cooking disaster?
A chocolate chip bundt cake that I made for a friend's birthday. The recipe called for 6 oz. of chocolate chips, but I mixed in 12 oz. instead. When I turned over the bundt pan to present the cake, only the top half slid out. The bottom half was so heavy with chocolate chips, it remained a gooey mess inside the pan.

If you could travel to another country just to taste their cuisine, where would you go?
Without a doubt, Italy

What is something you have never cooked, but would like to try?
Pad Thai

What do you consider the 5 most essential ingredients to keep in your kitchen?
Season All Seasoning
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Stewed Tomatoes
Chicken Broth

What is comfort food to you?
Any Mexican food. It reminds me of home.

What are the ideal toppings for pizza?
Personally, I like pepperoni, onions & green peppers.

What kitchen utensil/gadget can you not live without?
My apple corer/slicer.


Becky said...

That is SUCH a great picture of you Amberly! I liked reading your answers- feel like I know you even better now.

Amberly said...

Thanks, Becky. Because I was thinking the exact opposite! It seems that my allergies are "showing" on me. I can't even seem to open my eyes all the way. So, it's nice to read your sweet comment.

Dara said...

Great interview, Amberly! I can't wait to taste some more of your yummy cooking soon! Always fun to find out more info about my BAD girl buddies! Love your picture also!